Personal Whisky Tastings

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to whisky or want to try something off the beaten track, tasting it yourself is the best way to explore what’s out there. Having someone to explain the nuances and differences can only enhance the experience and provide a helpful background for your own experimentation.

‘Do’s’ & ‘Dont’s’

there aren't any

Water (and other additives) can be a surprisingly contentious subject.

It’s your drink, put what you like in it. That said, whisky, and particularly malt whisky, is also fairly expensive as drinks go, so it seems a shame to mask or inhibit its flavours with cola or ice.

Try adding the traditional Scots’ measure of “a wee drap” (trans: a small drop) of water and see how you like it!

See the FAQs for more.

Educational, or all about the whisky

Tastings can be in whatever format you want, be that a short education on whisky production or something much more relaxed that focuses on the whisky, and only the whisky. Either way, you’ll get a drink and that’s what we’re here for!

Tasting Menus

Take a look at my suggested tasting menus, designed to offer a range of whiskies to suit most tastes. These can often be tailored to you so if there’s something specific you really want to try, let me know and we can swap things around! I can swap out individual bottles without an impact on the price, provided they’re broadly equivalent.