Tastings as Corporate Entertainment

You’ve got a client and the professional relationship is going well and you’d like to cement the connection on a more personal level, but just going out for dinner is too boring and paintball too ridiculous!

Tailored to suit.

your tastes. your interests.

If you need me to bring the whisky, take a look at the Tasting Menus for suggestions of popular tasting flights. These can be tailored for your event or a completely bespoke flight can be created to match your tastes.

That’s where I can help – organising a tasting is a great way to develop a relationship in a truly memorable way. Stories are told and unexpected connections are found as the smells in the drams trigger all kinds of memories and associations. I’ve even seen competitions for the daftest tasting note!

Tastings can be in whatever format you want, whether it’s a presentation on whisky production or something much more relaxed that focuses on the whisky, and only the whisky.