Bespoke Whisky Tastings

You’re well versed in the whisky regions and know your Glendronach from your Glenlivet, but now you want to explore something a little more exotic: maybe it’s older; maybe it’s single cask; maybe it’s from outside Scotland! I can help create a bespoke tasting menu to suit your craving. Blind tastings, trick tastings with deliberate surprises, something themed to your own personal obsession (mine is the difference between cask finishes, for example), I can help create a bespoke tasting menu to suit your craving.

Give me an ‘e?’

or not. it depends.

You’re probably aware there are a couple of options for spelling the spirit this website is all about. ‘Whiskey’ (with an ‘e’) is usually the Irish or American spelling while ‘Whisky’ (no ‘e’) is used everywhere else, including Scotland. Like all good rules there are exceptions and deliberate rule-breakers, so don’t overly concern yourself – both spellings sound the same anyway!

See the FAQs for more.

I can source most whisk(e)y, irrelevant of spelling or origin, but some are going to be harder than others and might take a little more time. That’s not a put-off or a cop out, just be aware that 2 weeks’ notice might be pushing it!

If I’m struggling to find that 1942 Macallan you specifically requested I will let you know as soon as it becomes clear that it’s a challenge so we can discuss some alternatives that might fit the bill. I want to taste that Macallan just as much as you!