Tastings & Training for Bars & Hotels

You’ve got some whiskies but want to highlight them a little more, or bring in some business on those quieter mid-week nights, or even train your staff so they can promote your stock to your customers – I can help.

‘Do’s’ & ‘Dont’s’

there aren't any

Water (and other additives) can be a surprisingly contentious subject.

It’s your drink, put what you like in it. That said, whisky, and particularly malt whisky, is also fairly expensive as drinks go, so it seems a shame to mask or inhibit its flavours with cola or ice.

Try adding the traditional Scots’ measure of “a wee drap” (trans: a small drop) of water and see how you like it!

See the FAQs for more.

Product Promotions

If it’s about your stock, I’ll discuss the options and figure out the best way to present it for your customers. That means building a tasting that showcases your range and perhaps highlights a few gems that might have been overlooked.

Alternatively, you might be exploring some expansion of your whisky shelves, as it’s so fashionable at the moment, but want to see what’s a hit with your customers before committing to a caseload!

I can help organise a tasting based on your supplier’s lists so you can target exactly what to buy and avoid something that’ll just need dusting once a month.

Staff Training

Even if you’re happy with the stock you’ve got, it really helps keep it turning over if your staff are as clued up as you about what’s on the shelves. By giving your staff the knowledge to better promote your whisky you’re giving them the ability to make recommendations to your customers and improve your customers’ satisfaction.

Training with MaltNerd is the best way to improve your staff’s awareness of your whiskies and can be done in a way that suits your business, whether that’s onsite or offsite, an in-depth tutorial of grain-to-glass or a more general overview, and at a time that’s convenient for you.