What’s a MaltNerd?

Me. I’m a MaltNerd. That means I’m ludicrously passionate about whisky (particularly single malt, but I love it all) and want to share that love with as many people as will let me.

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Where I do it.

‘have dram, will travel…’

I’m based in Glasgow (in central Scotland) which means I’m able to get to any exotic location pretty easily, so if you want to do a tasting in Paris or Milan or Kettering I’m more than happy to discuss it, so please get in touch.

And what does a MaltNerd do?

I’ve chosen to share the love by providing tastings and running events that showcase malt without the mystery. Recent years have seen interest in whisky take off around the world, but a lot of people are still nervous about the ‘right’ way to appreciate it, and a lot of the voodoo merchants out there don’t help matters.

I want to cut through all that and make taking a drink as simple as, well, taking a drink.

I can do that for you and a few friends who want to learn more or run a tasting for a much larger group, whether that’s to seal a relationship with a client or to promote your own whisky selection.

I can even organise a distillery tour. It’s really about how you want to do it.